Styling Tips & Tricks


My Aesthetic:

I am really drawn to warm neutrals, earth tones, and muted/mauvy colors. Here are a bunch of colors that inspire me!



I also love textures and prints! Think denim, corduroy, linen, wool, cotton, etc. Layering in cardigans, jean jackets, etc. and adding in small prints, stripes, & plaids is also great for breaking up too much solid and can make your wardom much more visually appealing.


Think more coordination and less matchy matchy when pulling pieces together!


Tips & Tricks:

~Style mom first and coordinate around this outfit. If mom feels comfortable and confident, it’s going to shine through in the images!

~Keep your kids in clothes that fit them; especially babies. We don’t want to lose them in their clothes. For newborn sessions, less is more. We want to capture that sweet little babe, not be distracted by their clothing.

~We will most likely be out in grassy or rocky areas, so wear shoes that are cute but will not hold you back too much in this setting (stilettos like to sink into grass!). You can also bring a pair of cute flats to walk to our location and change them out with heals when it works!

~For lifestyle sessions, ditch the shoes for bare feet or wear non-distracting socks. Think casual and laid back when styling for this session.


Things to Avoid:

~Anything with logos or words (unless it makes sense - i.e., t-shirt announcing a sibling).

~Carrying your phone, keys, etc. in your pockets.

~Wearing bulky watches

~Chipped nail polish. Aim for full polish or no polish.

~Athletic shoes

~Anything uncomfortable or too tight

~Undergarments that don’t work with your outfit can become distracting and pull the eye to places we don’t want.

~Neon colors


Places to Shop for the family:



Old Navy


Baltic Born

Free People


Bailey’s Blossom

Lou Lou and Company

Sunshine & Rainbows Boutique

Kate Quinn Shop

Three Peas (Baby – 18 month)